21 July 2011

Nana korobi, ya oki

My painting arrived today!

Shortly after I was hospitalized, my colleagues (with the boss's blessing) dropped off a laptop, on the strict condition that I use it to play on the internet and keep in touch with folks via FaceBook & email, and NOT to do any work.

Sterling & I were browsing about, and I was showing him an artist's website, which led to checking out her current eBay auctions. Soniei (@Soniei on Twitter, where I first "met" her) is both an amazing artist and a sweet, interesting person whose art I have long loved & wanted to buy... once we were out of debt, once I found the perfect piece that really spoke to me, once the moon & planets aligned, etc. etc. you get the idea.

While looking at Soniei's auction listings for her original paintings (she also sells prints through her own website), I quickly clicked on (and just as quickly clicked away from) this painting:

I like all of Soniei's work, but she paints in several different styles, and this was frankly not one of my favourites. But Sterling made the comment, it's rolling hills. And then I had to click back to see what he was talking about. And once he pointed it out, I could see it, the hills. But still... and then I saw the translation of the Japanese phrase painted on it:

Nana korobi, ya oki
(Fall down seven times, get up eight times)

All of Soniei's work incorporates Japanese characters, sometimes just a single word, and sometimes a saying/proverb, like this one.

This was only a couple days after my cancer diagnosis, and this saying really spoke to me, and to my determination to kick this cancer's ass, no matter the odds against me.

So I put in a bid. And won! My painting arrived today, and I have been admiring it. The style grows on me more & more the longer I look at it. And I'm very happy to have such a fabulous "encouragement to persevere" hanging on my wall, reminding me every day. Best $79 I ever spent.

If you would like a real treat, check out more of Soniei's work on her website: Soniei.com

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